Public Picks "That Brokaw Guy" As Winner Of Debate

ALIR Wire Services

NASHVILLE, TN - As the second Presidential debate came to a close, undecided voters across the nation chose Tom Brokaw as the winner, by a wide margin. "He seemed in command, definitely ready to lead," said Jane Daws, an undecided voter in Kansas. "I could see him as President."

Viewers praised Brokaw's style, mastery of the issues, and stage presence. "Them other two fellows just kept talking and talking about confusing things, and that Brokaw guy was cool as a cucumber, always had the right question to ask to make a point," said Thomas Garnett, a retired auto worker from Michigan and lifelong Republican. "He's for smaller government, you can tell. And he had a real good time with them people in the audience. It was like he knew what questions they were going to ask."

Many voters said they had been swayed from their previously-held positions. "He's a maverick, a third party candidate," said Kendra Feinstein, a realtor from Dallas. "He didn't even mention his party once. I like to see that in a President. He's willing to step across party lines."

"He does not think there are any easy answers," said Mihar Zoran, an immigrant and first-time voter. "It is not always about easy answers. I cannot wait to vote for such a great man!"

Not all viewers were as enthusiastic. "He never seemed to get to the point and answer any questions," said Dusty Suggs, a derelict who watched the debate through the window of a bar. "And he didn't mention anything about issues which are important to me, like liquor and trash fires. But he had really nice hair."

"I support Brokaw because he's not old, like the old guy, and he's not black, like the black guy," said a voter who declined to give his name. "I'd support the chick, but I heard those pictures of her naked are all fakes."

Undecided voter Deb Strickland summed up the quandary in which many Americans now find themselves: "It basically comes down to a decision between [Brokaw] and Jim Lehrer."