Notes From The Editor


You may be noticing a discrepancy in the dates of notes.

It is because I am a dumbass.

--The Webmaster


When Your CMS Doesn't Crash Due To Repeated Uploads,


--PV, alalalalalalalalalaly.


Where The Hell Have We Been?

Well, this site doesn't quite run like a well-oiled machine if I don't run like a well-oiled machine, and if you haven't known a person with a dental abscess, well, you know one now.

Now think about a person with as much pent-up rage as I have being subjected to said abscess—read: IT WASN'T MY FAULT. I brushed, I mouthwashed, I flossed. I didn't floss with British precision, but I didn't not-floss to the point where... ugh. You'll read about it later.

For now, enjoy your regularly-scheduled A Lush In Rio, already in progress.

--PV, so, SO angrily, yet grateful for his life and sanity.


Dear Economy, House Republicans, Senator McCain, Governor Palin, Rain, The New York Mets, And God:

You can't get rid of me THAT easily.

--PV, defiantly


Apologies To Charlotte Sullivan...

...Whose pig heart piece I couldn't get to display properly. We can't work on the problem just this moment, but we will try and fix it by next week.

I plan on spending my day tomorrow on Wall Street, selling sheets of cardboard and tin cans.

--PV, giddily frightened.


Having A Little Trouble With The Latest Post?

Glitches, glitches. I blame the schools. What the fuck is F3? Workin' on it!

--PV, plagiaristically and inside-jokily.


We're Taking A One-Day Holiday...

...To recover from five sleepless nights worrying about, as Ed. W. Mars. called it, "Fucking Disaster '08."

Catch you tomorrow.

--PV, living dangerously.